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Linking blood types to personalities allegedly goes back to the 1920's in Japan with the concept being resuscitated in the 1970's by a Japanese writer, Masahiko Nomi. The idea then spread outward and took root elsewhere, primarily in Taiwan and South Korea. Following are the personality traits ascribed to the basic blood types: A, B, AB and O Blood types. From Korean Wiki Project. Jump to: navigation, search. There is a popular belief in Japan and Korea that a person's ABO blood type is predictive of their personality, temperament, and compatibility with others, similar to the Western world's astrology. Blood type Positive traits Negative traits Most compatible with Type O Social, outgoing, creative, popular, confident, speak their. Blood type is taken pretty seriously in Korea, and it is made even more obvious through countless mainstream dramas and films that feature story lines and themes that focus heavily on Korean couples who struggle and get into trouble because of mis-matched blood types Korean Blood Types 298 COMMENTS. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sort by: Newest First | Most Liked . Marzia Matalone. Reply 1 Like. I knew about the blood type thing but as I can see, a lot of O types don't seem to fit the descriptionI'd rather fit the AB description. According to the Korean blood type personality chart, people of blood type A are diplomatic and friendly. But, due to their sensitive natures, these people prefer being alone than in a group. Chances are they may feel uncomfortable at parties or in crowded places. They easily get hurt and are fragile at heart, so naturally it takes time for them to open up to new people. Sadly, others might.

People with type O blood are outgoing, energetic, optimistic, and known to be natural leaders. They like speaking their minds while maintaining a friendly attitude, and possess high self-confidence which leads them to be highly ambitious and obsessed with success. They convince themselves that they're winners and hate losing Have you ever heard of blood type stereotyping? Compatibility? In Korean culture, it's common for people to ask you what your blood type is, as certain blood types are associated with certain. Meanwhile, type A blood was the most prominent in Korea, accounting for roughly 34 percent of the population, followed by type O (28 percent), type B (27 percent), and type AB (11 percent), according to Gallup Korea

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That's because for the past century, many Koreans have associated different blood types with specific personality characteristics that determine one's likability, romantic compatibility, and even health status. Read on to find out what your blood type says about you. Type A: The Farme Each type (A, B, AB, and O) has its own specific description and mold, each unique and different from the others. Oftentimes Koreans just talk about blood types for fun, just like with tarot card readings or astrological signs, but you may be surprised by how accurately your own blood type matches up Blood types are important in South Korea as well. The Korean webcomic A Simple Thinking About Blood Type depicts the stereotypes of each blood type, and has been adapted as a short anime series in Japan as Ketsuekigata-kun! in 2013 and 2015 In East Asian countries like Korea and Japan, however, one's blood type is discussed as often as one's zodiac sign or personality type. That's because many believe there are a number of characteristics that are shared by each blood type that outline one's personality, romantic compatibility and even one's health status. Type As are thought to be considerate beings and are often caring of. In South Korea, you'll be asked what blood type you are rather than what Zodiac sign you are. The concept of blood types determining personal traits has a dark history. It was allegedly used by Nazis and Japanese Imperialists to promote ideas of supremacy over different races and countries in the 1920s and 1930s

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  1. BUT blood type is a different thing, is more about interactions and behavious between individuals or groups. Before, my Korean husband was always saying: how possible you don't know you blood type, or you must be blood type O, or I am sure you are blood type O. During our conversations most of the tim
  2. Blood Type Frequencies by Country including the Rh Factor. Below are some of the sources as well as additional information to the blood type frequencies by countries: A big thank you to Lasse Westvang Hougaard for contributing to these studies. See also: Genotype distributions
  3. Requirements for a foreigner to donate their blood in Korea: Rare Blood Types: Back in 2010, there were 20,000 Rh negative blood donors registered with the Korean Red Cross' blood information management system, but it still isn't enough: For most ethnicity rhesus negative blood is in at least 10 percent of the population. For Americans and British, the percentage of the population with.
  4. In Korean and Japanese culture, it is believed that blood types can tell you a lot about your personality. While there is no concrete scientific evidence to support this theory, Asian culture holds the same reverence for blood types as we do for horoscopes and zodiac signs
  5. B Blood Type : Bright, Attractive, Frank Men with blood type B have acquired a very negative reputation in Korea. They're often described as selfish and temperamental. To a degree, they're..

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  2. The blood type personality theory claims that people's blood type is predictive of their personality and compatibility with others. Nowhere is this belief more popular than in South Korea and Japan. Yoo Eun Lee delves deeper into the theory's history
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  4. e character much in the same way Western countries believe in the zodiac. While there's little scientific evidence to..
  5. Type B can donate to type B, and AB and type AB can only donate to type AB. Rh-positive blood can only be donated to people who have the Rh protein, and Rh-negative blood can be donated to both negative and positive. Because of this, type O- is known as the universal donor. The universal plasma donor is type AB. Plasma is what is left if you take away all the red and white blood cells.

People with blood type B personalities rely on their intuition and trust themselves. Once again, they are most compatible with their own personality type and ABs. Talking about discrimination, Korean women do not consider men with blood type B personalities to be suitable for marriage due to their playful and flirtatious dispositions O+ blood is the most common blood type in the world and while it is not quite as universal as O- blood (O+ can be given to all Rh positive types but not the Rh negative types), it is still the most used blood, according to the American Red Cross. Additionally, Rh positive blood types are much more common than Rh negative blood types, which is another reason why O+ blood is always needed and. Prior to the discovery of blood groups, blood transfusions were often deadly. Physicians attempted the use of milk and animal blood as an alternative to human blood, but met with limited success: the discovery of blood types allowed modern transfusions to safely take place. Blood typing, blood groups around the world, and the genetics of blood types are discussed in this article

In 2005 a Korean movie called My Boyfriend Is Type B was released. A book entitled Blood Type B: My Own Manual became a best seller two years later. In 2009, an entire Japanese drama series dubbed. Type B Blood: Creative and passionate, but irresponsible, selfish, and lazy. Type O Blood: Confident and expressive, but egotistical and risk takers. Type AB Blood: Rational and calm, but critical of others and indecisive.Possibly a genius or a psychopath. For a disclaimer, I don't believe that blood types influence people's personalities, but it is useful to know these when in Korea Blood Types in Korea Infographic. Learn More Korean with Our Ebooks . Asking for your blood type is one of the most common questions you will get in Korea. As I wrote in the infographic, most people do not take it seriously and just use it for fun or as an icebreaker when meeting someone. I actually didn't know my blood type until I came to Korea which seemed to be common for the rest of my. In South Korea, a person's blood type is believed to contribute to their personality and characteristics. Many South Koreans believe that people are compatible based on their blood types

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As you probably know, blood type is a big factor in Korean culture. It's just like how many Westerners beieve in horoscopes and zodiac signs. When you are first meeting a Korean person, they might want to know what blood type you are, because certain personality traits are associated with particular blood types To outsiders, blood type may mean nothing more than information needed to find a match for a blood transfusion. But in Korea, a person's blood type -- either A, B, O, or AB -- is widely believed.

If blood type had a strong measurable effect on morbidity or mortality, you would use the blood type of the COVID PATIENTS (not the population) to establish such a link. Reply . tb420 on July 26, 2020 12:22 pm. 40% isn't too far from the normal A+ distribution. Coupled with the lower incidence of negative blood types in that area, it's easy to predict that the A+ distribution would be around. Certain blood types are more favourable and some of my friends have even lied to employers about their blood type to try and secure the job. There is no scientific evidence to back up the blood type personality theory, but blood type matters to many Japanese peopl Type O Blood. O Types are known for their romanticism, ambition and strength in the face of adversity. They make effective mentors and relish acting as caregivers for those younger or less experienced than themselves. People with Type O Blood are good with money and often dedicate a lot of time to their work. As a lover, O Types are generous and playful. They lavish their partners with. Again, a blood type A and blood type B person mixing with both carrying the D negative at least recessively was when the first person with AB negative blood was created. Where? You tell me! I am interested in more data and thoughts on this. And I am also interested in where people here may think or can pinpoint origin of their individual blood type. And what is also of great interest to me are.

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Blood Type: A Instagram: @sooyaaa__ Weibo: sooyaaa__ Jisoo Facts: - She was born in Gunpo, a city in the province of Gyeonggi, South Korea. - Jisoo has an older brother (named Kim Junghoon) and an older sister. - She trained for 5 years (2011 July). - Jisoo was the third member to be revealed. - She can speak Korean, Japanese and basic Chinese. - According to Jennie (V Live App. ABO blood types are the most important ones in terms of transfusion, said an official at the Korean Society of Blood Transfusion. The ABO antigens exist not only on red cells but also in.

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Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Super Power (Badge): Force Sub-unit: EXO-K, EXO Main Vocal Line. D.O. Facts: - Hometown: Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. - He has an older brother, Do Seungsoo. - Education: Baekseok High School. - He was a famous ulzzang kid. - He became a SM trainee in 2010. - Personality: Quiet, acts like a mother to the other members, sentimental. Blood Types in Korea Infographic. Asking for your blood type is one of the most common questions you will get in Korea. As I wrote in the infographic, most people do not take it seriously and just use it for fun or as an ice Article by Dom & Hyo. 4.9k. Blood Type Personality Blood Type Diet Blood Type Chart Personality Tests Don Du Sang Positive Traits Good Traits Blood Groups Korean Words. The people with blood type O, may often be trendsetters, and are very strong and enduring like warriors. They are not just honest but also dislike people who hide the truth. These individuals are born leaders, but give up the task easily if they find it meaningless. They generally tend to overlook the finer points and details. Famous People with Blood Type O. Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth II. Blood Type, Episode 51 of My Korean Wife in WEBTOON. This is a comic that shows the cultural differences we face with being an interracial married couple. One American and the other Korean. This is a comic that shows the cultural differences we face with being an interracial married couple

8 Ways Your Blood Type Influences Your Life. Many South Koreans believe that an individual's blood type is linked to their personality traits. In light of that, do you know what your blood type says about you? April 10th, 2015 . Next Page. Trending. K-Pop Fans Shower BLACKPINK's Jennie With Positivity After Her Interview Attracts Haters. BTS's Jin Gave Up His Precious Sleep To Wish RM A. This Korean Keyboard enables you to easily type Korean online without installing Korean keyboard. You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Korean letters with this online keyboard. Pressing Esc on the Korean keyboard layout will toggle the mouse input between virtual QWERTY keyboard and virtual Korean keyboard. The key will also turn on/off your keyboard input conversion. Pressing. Blood type AB was associated with a 23 percent higher risk of cardiovascular disease, compared with type O, while type B was associated with an 11 percent higher risk, and type A, a 5 percent higher risk. Though it's not clear what might account for this elevated risk, other research has linked blood type A with higher levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, and type AB with an increase in. In Korea, depends on the blood type that people have, it can differ their characteristics. Believe it or not, this whole idea of characterising one person's. Need to translate blood type to Korean? Here's how you say it

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The blood types used in this concept are A, B, AB and O. Blood type descriptors play a more important role in Japan than any other astrological, zodiac concept. It is estimated that as many as 75 per cent of Japanese people believe the connection is real and almost everyone there knows their blood type and some of the principal character traits defined by it. Discussing blood type. hello(: i've noticed that people in korea ask for each others blood type, or would like to know.. my friends from there ask me too~ what i want to know is why does blood type matter? i've read that having an A blood type means your attractive...? i don't believe that haha but i'd like to know the truth too. thank you As entitled, What's Your Blood Type portrays the different blood types as characters and the traits that are stereo-typically assumed for each blood type. While the show is a web-drama, it's episode length is on the shorter end of the spectrum with an episode being less than one minute long. You can complete the series in about 5 minutes if you have the time to spare. Even though the show is. Would you like to know how to translate blood type to Korean? This page provides all possible translations of the word blood type in the Korean language. 혈액형, 血液型 Korean; Discuss this blood type English translation with the community: Citation Use the citation below to add this definition to your bibliography: Style:MLA Chicago APA blood type. Definitions.net. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Your blood type is comprised of two blood groups: ABO and Rh. Blood types are based on antigens on the surface of your red blood cells. An antigen is a substance that triggers an immune response.

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Blood Type Determines Personality (Similar to Zodiac Signs) In Japan, each blood type is given a corresponding personality type, similar to those associated with zodiac signs. However, despite the claim, your blood type has no determination over your personality. While it would be fun to compare a B+ to an A-, blood type has no effect on who you are as a person. Certain Blood Types. What Your Blood Type Says About You: A Fun, Educational Look at Your Health and Personality In honor of National Blood Donor Month, enjoy a bit of science and a drop of entertainment as we explore the implications of blood type. Ketsueki-gata. It's a term that may once have only been familiar to phlebotomists and vampires. But since the 1930s, ketsueki-gata has become a popular means of.

They found that blood type A patients showed a higher rate of infection and developed more severe symptoms. Of 206 patients, 85 had type A blood - 63 per cent more than the infected 52 who had type O In Korea, you're most likely to be asked What blood type are you? rather than the more common question in America of What Sign are you? (astrology). This quiz will help determine your basic blood type, and what that means for you. (This quiz determines A, B, AB, and O; not AAs, or OOs, and does not deal with the differences between Negative and Positive blood types) Blood types depend on the content of the blood cells and are inherited from parents. There are eight main types. Which type you have affects how you can receive blood

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Matching people based on their blood types is not too different from matching blood donors and receivers, except that we believe in keeping the rh negative men exclusively for the rh negative women. Studies have also shown that there are more rh negative women than men in this world, so the shortage is there to justify our action. Love comes when you least expect it and once it happens, there. Find out your blood type. You will find out your blood type after your first blood donation. You can register online to give blood. What are the rarest blood types? There are eight main blood types but some are rarer than others. The list below shows the percentage of donors with each blood type: O positive: 35%; O negative: 13%; A positive: 30

Blood types are determined by the presence or absence of particular antigens on the surface of red blood cells. There are eight main blood types: A positive, A negative, B positive, B negative, AB positive, AB negative, O positive and O negative. The positive and negative refers to your Rh type (once called Rhesus). In addition to ABO and Rh, there are 34 other recognised blood types, called. (This is the only way your daughter could end up with type O blood; if one of you had two A genes, she could only have had blood type A.) Thus, there was a 25% chance your daughter would get two A genes, making her blood type A. There was a 25% chance she'd get two O genes, making her blood type O. And there was a 50% chance she'd get an A and an O (25% for getting an A from each of you.

Blood types are a popular topic in Japanese women's publications and assess how well a potential or current partner matches up with the reader. Additionally, blood type horoscopes are provided on a daily basis on Japanese television shows and newspapers. People with blood type A are portrayed to be well-organized. They exert timidity, anxiety, sensitivity, stubbornness, and can be easily. Blood Type 14.7K 132 76. by SecondKidTae. by SecondKidTae Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend. Share. Share via Email Report Story TBH this is kind of creepy but ok-Jin - O type. Suga - O type. J- Hope - A type. Rap Monnie - A type. Jimin - A type. V - AB type. Jungkook - A type. I wanna be one of those cool authors and compare stuff with my bias but I have no idea. You see, the Japanese believe that one's blood type has a direct impact on their personality and abilities in a number of areas. This belief came about thanks to the work of blood type humanics pioneer Masahiko Nomi in the 1970s. What This Means For You. What follows is a quick rundown of each blood type and the purported characteristics for each. Blood Type A. Individuals with type A blood.

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Blood type B is the opposite of type A. They are very energetic and optimistic. They are also active, flexible, curious, and individualistic. Guys with B type personalities are known to be attractive to women, but they are also forgetful and have a short temper so they have a bad reputation as players in Korea Of those hospitalized for COVID-19, 37.75% had blood type A, while 25.8% had blood type O. Of the 206 patients in the study who died, 85 had blood type A or about 41% of all deaths, the study showed In Korea it's widely believed that an individual's blood type is strongly linked to their personality traits, and even dating compatibility! Here are the common personality traits associated with the four blood types. What does your blood type say about you Patients with blood types B and AB were more likely to test positive as were those who are Rh+ positive, and blood type O was less likely to test positive. The relationship between blood groups and Covid-19 is not yet understood. What is likely is a correlation between blood clotting and severity of the disease. Further, people with type O blood type are less prone to coagulation and clotting. This diet is too truly wonderful, and I'm delighted at the exotic flavours, but just because I want to believe crazy things it doesn't mean I won't know the truth of vegetarianism to eat for my blood type, but I suppose I will only do it very far in the future for two very good reasons (if not for my blood type) 1. for the ecology, 2. to grow all my organic food, and 3. to stop the.

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Blood types vary in a population. In the United States, about 44 per cent of the population is type O, while about 41 per cent is type A. In Wuhan, which has a population of about 11 million, type. The blood types of the 206 patients who died from COVID-19 in Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus, were studied. Of the fatalities, 85 had type A blood and 52 had type O Blood Type Lyrics: Cynicism in the face of / Love I'm Insecure / Stigmatism in the chase / For worth I need more / Left right brain / Attitude memories on the floor / Cus we all made do for th For blood transfusion to be successful, the donor's blood must be compatible with the recipient. In blood banks and hospitals, supply problems are more frequent for rare blood types than they are for common blood types. In this article, to look at the rarest blood type, we will focus on the ABO and the Rh blood systems

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Knowing your partner's blood type is an essential requirement before getting married, as it may determine the health of your child. You must be fully aware of your partner's ABO and Rh blood type. While ABO refers to the different types of blood groups: A, B, O and AB, Rh is referred to a compound which may or not be present in your red blood cells. People with Rh compound are termed as Rh. Your blood type provides a general look into your ancestral history. It is believed that each blood type hints to a different but rich history, including where your ancestors came from, what climate they lived in, what they did for a living, and what they ate on a daily basis Blood and Marrow Transplantation, the Korean Society of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, and the Korean Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis, with the Korean Society of Hematology being the representative. Editorial Office : King's Garden Officetel 2-220, 24, Sajik-ro 8-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03174, Korea What's Your Blood Type? 2019 (South Korea) is South Korea drama premiere on Jan 3, 201

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Blood Types in Korea Infographic. Asking for your blood type is one of the most common questions you will get in Korea. As I wrote in the infographic, most people do not take it seriously and just use it for fun or as an icebreaker when meeting someone. I actually didn't know my blood [] Continue Reading. FAQ/About Contact Korean Language Beginner's Package Dom and Hyo Store. Some of Our. Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Singh on korean blood type: Rh antigens are present in every blood. You would need to be more specific. Also, they blood type (a, b, ab, 0) is not connected/related to the rh + or rh - types; they are inherited independently Blood type studies in Korea. Suddenly, Korea becomes one of the hottest counties on blood type debate. I find several blood-type studies in Korea even in Psychology Journal! The followings are those. An article by Professor Sohn (Yonsei University) has an great impact which really changes the blood-type world! Article No.1. Title : [Article in Korean] A Review of Sociocultural, Behavioral. Korea likes to associate blood types to certain personalities with blood type A being sensitive and shy, blood type B being outgoing and passionate, blood type O being practical and leader-like, and blood type AB being either a genius or crazy. Let's take a look at some K-Pop idols who are blood type AB! 1. BTS's V . Although BTS's V is known to be good at everything, including being.

Blood type O is clearly more prevalent in Western Europe than in Eastern Europe: Prevalence of type A, on the other hand, is fairly constant, except a significant drop in Ireland and Iceland: A trend opposite to type O can be seen in type B, which is more prevalent in Eastern Europe (and even more so in Asia): The values for the type AB are too small to be meaningfully visualized, but in. AB blood types are famous for being goofy and playful. They are also known to be either geniuses or babos. There is no doubt that these idols are all talented and geniuses but sometimes they can't help but express their goofy side. We've compiled a list of 11 idols who have AB blood types what koreans think blood type will affect personality

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Continue my article about Blood Type Personality Comic (Part 1) that i posted before, today i will share you the next of Blood Type comic pictures collections. This is actually comics from Korean site, but then become popular in several country and translated into several different language We report the first case of para-Bombay blood type in a Southeast Asian patient admitted at a tertiary hospital in Korea. A 23-year-old Indonesian man presented to the hospital with fever and was diagnosed with a disseminated nontuberculous mycobacterium infection and anemia. During blood group typing for blood transfusion, cell typing showed no agglutination with both anti-A and anti-B. this blood type thing is total BS, if your in an accident that requires you to have a blood transfusion, doctors will never take your word and always test your blood to be sure before giving you a transfusion, mainly because you may not be thinking straight because of the blood loss & people can often mistaken there blood type, getting the wrong blood transfusion can be fatal O(+) : 27% A(+) : 31% B(+) : 30% AB(+) : 11% O(-) : 0.08% A(-) : 0.1% B(-) : 0.1% AB(-) : 0.03% According to data(Blood type distribution by country - Wikipedia), AB.

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Blood Type is a marker of individuality - and perhaps of personality as well. In Japan, it has long been believed that Blood Type is an indicator of personality - in fact, you are likely to be asked your blood type in a job interview or while out on a date with a potential mate! In a study conducted by Dr. D'Adamo in 1999, he found some interesting connections between blood type and. Type AB blood: Foods to focus on include tofu, seafood, dairy, and green vegetables. He says people with type AB blood tend to have low stomach acid. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoked or cured. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between ABO blood types and breast cancer survival in young Korean patients. This was a retrospective study of 115,474 patients who were surgically treated for primary breast cancer between 1987 and 2011 in Korea. All data were collected Ael is a rare subgroup in the A blood type that expresses the least amount of A antigens, comprising about 1/1,000 of the antigen determinants of A1. The frequency of the Ael phenotype has been estimated to be about 0.001% in the Korean population and 0.0049% in the Japanese population . Ael02 is the most frequently identified allele . Red blood cells (RBCs) of the Ael subtype show no. In recent times, blood type is mostly viewed in a lighthearted way, much like horoscopes. For example, it's possible to find novelty products for your blood type such as bath salts or look up your blood type horoscope in gossip magazines. The average person in Japan doesn't take the concept too seriously. Blood Types In Japanese Culture is ranked #79 of 99 Things You'll Miss About Life in.

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A local hospital said it has cured a Covid-19 patient by using plasma from a previously recovered patient with a different blood type. Plasma therapy refers to administering blood plasma minus red cells, white cells, and platelets to Covid-19 patients from those who recovered from the disease. The treatment has been drawing attention as an alternative treatment to fight Covid-19 because vaccin While he was testifying at the Nuremberg trials after World War II, he observed that some Nazi SS members had their blood type tattooed on their bodies. When Ivy got back to Chicago, he brought the idea with him as a way of dealing with the rapidly dwindling blood supply that was a side effect of the Korean War. That way, if the Soviet Union decided to start attacking targets in the US, there. It's a unique blood type of AB. The genes of A and B are not separated in this blood type. Instead, A genes and B genes exist within the same chromosome. The children of parents with cis-AB and O are either going to be AB or O. It violates the genetic hierarchy of blood types. This blood type was found around 1980~90 and it can only be found in southwest coast of Korea and Kyushu of Japan. By Park Si-soo People with type A blood are more likely to catch coronavirus while those with type O seem more resistant, a preliminary study of about 2,000 patients in China showed Blood types in Japan are seen as a stereotype--that is, if you're blood type A, you act a certain way, and if you're blood type B, then you act a different way. This might not be true all across the board, of course. People who are B types might not identify with how they are supposed to act, and this goes for the other types as well. But for those who aren't used to equating your.

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Golden blood is the nickname for Rh-null, the world's rarest blood type. Fewer than 50 people have it worldwide. Until 1961, when it was first identified in an Aboriginal Australian woman, doctors. An interesting fact about A- Blood Type is that that you can help 40% of the US Population by donating blood. A negative blood type can be given to people with A-, A+, AB-, and AB+. So, this means that one blood group type is suitable for four different types of blood groups. But when it comes to receiving blood, you can only do so from individuals having A- and AB- blood group. 4. A Negative. Note: Blood type AB is both, the genotype and the phenotype as neither A nor B are dominant. Note: You can also carry the O recessively if you are AB, but that is rare. It is a phenomenon called cisAB where the A and the B are encoded into one gene. So for example, your blood type can be phenotype AB but your genotype can be cisAB/O. The formula that I am mentioning above will guarantee that. Blood Type O is a realist and an idealist at the same time. O is goal-oriented, therefore, you get disoriented easily without vivid goal. You have strong concentration power. You are the social butterflies and always want to be in a group. Often popular and self-confident, you always seem to be the center of attention. You make a good impression on people. Organized and determined, your.

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